Ziel Cycling Club 

Exclusive Membership

 Annual Cost: $150 *

* Members are allowed to bring a one time guest to Saturday rides &/or Private events.

Membership benefits:

·  30% off STT Bike Fitting.

·  20% off Ziel CC brand apparel.*

·  10% off on goods, services & training camps.

ZCC Members enjoying a cup of our Ziel coffee toasted specially for us in Caicedonia, Colombia.  #zielsaturdayride

ZCC Members enjoying a cup of our Ziel coffee toasted specially for us in Caicedonia, Colombia. #zielsaturdayride

·  Free bike pick-up & drop-off * (within 5 miles radio)

·  Free espresso bar.

·  Members only Ziel Saturday ride escorted by a SAG vehicle with:

·     Certified Mechanic onboard provided by @viticoquality

·     Refreshments

·     Coffee

·     Snacks

·     Cold hand towels with essential oils (summer)

·  Access to La Escuelita training rides Tuesdays and Thursdays.

·  Access to all Ziel members-only events.

·  Members only Friday happy hour (5pm -8pm)

·  Free consultation with our coach to discuss your goals and built an specific training program.

*Members will get 20% off their first Ziel kit of every new model.

Not a member yet? 

Get a day pass for $25 (for Saturday rides ONLY).

Ziel Cycling Club Etiquette:

·     Please be courteous to other members, lead by example and guide the uninitiated.

·     Members will ride two abreast unless otherwise instructed.

·     No headphones allowed on any of our rides. 

·     No tri-bikes allowed on our road rides or training camps (except on triathlon specific rides).

·     Helmets required at all times.

·     We encourage you to wear Ziel’s kit & apparel, this will help us keep our rides organized and safe.

·     Memberships are none transferable and can be revoked at any time by Ziel Cycling Club.


Ziel Cycling Club Core Values

At Ziel, we believe the best thing about bikes isn't the ride itself; It's the people you share the ride with. From coffee stops to hammer rides, the people you surround yourself with make all the difference. With your membership, you'll be initiated into the most knowledgeable, fostering-team environment in Miami. With us, you will have access to Pro-riders, where you will be taught often-overlooked fundamentals and guided to the best fitness of your life. All of this while sharing the joy of cycling with like-minded, positive fellow individuals.

 Thank you for being part of our Cycling Club.