There’s nothing better than roaming the open road, or thrashing your local trails. Unfortunately, getting out isn’t always an option for everyone. That's when we come in.

Join us at our Wahoo KICKR Studio to sweat and squeeze in some miles next time you can't make it to the road. Structured classes, personalized training, or just spin with friends-The KICKR Studio is the starting point for your best season yet.

Duration of classes depend on workout plan and goals.

Unlimited KICKR Training Plan

Cost: $70.00 / Month

Best bang for your bucks plan. Enjoy unlimited supervised training sessions personalized to your particular training goals. Visit us or subscribe online and you'll be ready to train in our KICKR Studio as many times a month as you want.

Individual KICKR Session 

Cost: $25.00 / Session

Reserve your session online and we'll help you training to the next level.