According to Business Insider, “Cycling is the new golf” and between the tight pants, funny hats, and slippery shoes, they may be on to something. But while you step onto a golf course as an individual, any time you slip into a group ride, you’re instantly part of a community. You rely on those around you, and at the same time, they rely on you.

And that’s what makes cycling great. Yeah, you’re the only one who can push your pedals, but when you’re riding in a group, only trust and teamwork will get you to that next coffee stop safely.

At Ziel, we believe there’s no better way to build trust other than riding shoulder to shoulder with someone, and that’s why we offer fully supported Corporate Rides. You provide the legs, and we’ll provide the rest.

We’ll plan your route, guide you safely from start to finish, and follow you with a support vehicle in case something goes less-than-right. All you have to do is strengthen existing relationships, expand your network, and enjoy the open road. Think of it as your personal Tour de France, podium girls not included.